Who We Are

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We are a UK based software development company providing really useful software solutions delivered by experienced, industry professionals.

Our foundations are formed on development first principles to ensure a robust and expedient platform for the delivery of software to our clients from which our business grows.

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We employ a "right first time" ethic to the delivery of projects which is underpinned by resilient development practices and trusted project methodologies.

Our aim is to deliver a robust, adaptive platform that will support a solution's longevity and provide a blueprint for future systems growth

What We Do

We write really useful, easy to use software systems.

We've written product based systems to which users subscribe on a monthly basis.

We've written unique systems for companies in the private sector and organisations in the public sector.

We've written small systems, enormous systems and most things in between.

We've written systems using all sorts of different technologies, platforms and environments.

We've written HR systems, user support systems, quality management systems, booking systems, healthcare systems, stock control systems, EPOS systems and lots of other types of systems.

Our Values

We are a developer led company with a fresh and flexible vision of how software can and should be delivered.

Our team consists of straight-talking individuals who view software design and development as a craft - not a chore.

We believe in life-long learning and invest time and resources to develop our knowledge and skills. This helps us to innovate constantly and provide cutting edge, first class solutions for our clients and users.

Welcome to Induti.